Journey to Everywhere

The 2018 re-write of this gonzo autobiographical ebook has just been released on Amazon in paperback for the first time. Detailing the adventures of the author through the '90's, with the McKenna brothers and other famous psychonauts, it now looks back from 2018. Big news from Dr. Jim Fadiman on microdosing as startling new facts emerge in the addendum.

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Cognition Factor

Twenty of the top minds of our times gift us their beliefs on the "Big Five" questions relating to the human experience. Using 3D scenarios and backed by an original score from ambient masters, Cognition Factor is the world's first smart movie with a dynamic way of presenting word, picture, music and opinion to increasingly informed audiences.


The Terence Mckenna OmniBus 2012

The 'Terence Mckenna Omibus 2012 is a series of 12 clips being released during 2012. Each webisode is exactly 12:12:12 in duration. Register on the Forum for insider information and hidden downloads.

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Cognition Factor Live HD Broadcast

Live from the Master Control Room of the Headspace Space Station broadcasting over a 20 MB fibreoptic uplink at Midnight (GMT +2) we will be broadcasting a psychedelic stream of previously unseen and totally original footage of Terence McKenna and friends in HD stereo. Tune in Sundays from 7th Feb.

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Gnostic Guru!

Straight out of Dennis Mckenna's "Brotherhood of the Screaming Abyss", Dennis Mckenna reads a talismanic poem crafted by Terence's friend, William Watson; "Pursuing to Peru the Gnostic Guru".

"The perfect incantation for our quixotic quest" - Dennis J. Mckenna

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