Cognition Factor

Inspired by Terence McKenna, Cognition Factor probes the outer limits of consciousness in a search for enlightenment. Twenty of the top minds of our times gift us their beliefs on the "Big Five questions" relating to the human experience.

Original scores from Dr. Alex Paterson, (The Orb), Colin Angus and Matt Catt, (The Shamen, Pablo Sandoz), Merv Pepler, (EatStatic), Ed Wynne, (Ozrik Tentacles), Dom Beken, (Transit Kings, Orb), Youth, and Steve Hillage, (Orb, Gong), and Indiginus, all arranged by Mike Martin.

Orchestrated to approximate a Jungian totality construct, Cognition Factor uses digital language to ask the "Big Five Questions", and thus purports to be the world's first smart movie'.

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