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Headspace Studios is where the technology for Cognition Factor comes from. Back in the 1998, before digital cinema was a reality, Headspace Studios began acquiring equipment to do just this. It could be said that the boom not only funded this enterprise but nurtured it and pandered to it as well. It's been ten years and we've come a long way since those days.  Today we work with quad core computers and gigs of RAM. Our cameras are all HD digital and we understand something about the landscape of formats. 

So the story of Cognition Factor is also one of technology. Some of the footage hails back to pre-digital formats of oxide betacam tapes and 8mm tape, but most of the movie was shot using a Sony S1-E HDV camera and all the footage was subsequently resized and then digitally enhanced for editing in the HDV format. This was done with the intention of releasing in the new Blu-Ray HD format with 5.1 surround.

Unfortunately the HD war between Sony and Toshiba delayed the launch of the HD product due to licensing complications with the new Blu-Ray format. It is not possible to replicate or fulfill through Amazon at this time, but we're working around this by offering the movie in the BD-R (Blu-Ray writeable format) format direct from the studio. Details of how to purchase the BD-R disc will be announced on our purchase page and also on the forum.

 TMOM2012 is edited and produced in native Blu-Ray 16 bit 48 hrtz stereo and mastered with Structured SilenceĀ©

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