Soundtrack composition & sound design by Indidginus. (Michael Martin). Additional music by The Orb, Eat Static/Ozrik Tentacles& Pablo Sandoz.

Director's note: The soundtrack for Cognition Factor was started and completed during the second half of of 2007, but some of the elements go back further than that. I met Mike 'Indidginus' Martin, our sound wizard, through asking some people involved in the trance scene who they thought was the right person to assemble, compose and direct the ambient sound track that I wanted. At the time I was obsessed with getting in touch with Alex Paterson from The ORB, but had already been promised a track by Colin Angus from Pablo_Sandoz, who I'd met at the LSD Symposium in Basel back in January 2006, but that's another story.     

In the house are Colin Angus and Matt Catt, (The Shamen, Pablo Sandoz), Merv Pepler, (EatStatic), Ed Wynne, (Ozrik Tentacles), Dom Beken, (Transit Kings), Youth, and Steve Hillage playing spaced out gliss guitar.

ORB big (13 MB) file here. Download only.

ORB YouTube Link. Watch online in realtime.

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