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  • CF packs a giant bolus of talking heads into an artful matrix of abstract animation --  sort of a supramental chocolate chip cookie to turn on the future - Ralph Abraham -
  • my heartfelt CONGRATULATIONS! it's a breakthrough! & one of the smartest, funniest movies I've seen so far…even the visual "state-of-the-art-cheese" couldn't distract me…! & I also really enjoy the open-mindedness:questions raised… leaving them delicately floating in space, no ideology nowhere! CONGRATULATIONS! love&peace!
    - Ronald Steckel -
  • It aint what you see it's the way that you see it. Kawitzky has many ways.
    - Barry Lategan -
  • "Cognition Factor" could not be more timely. Using cutting edge technology, this movie will provoke, illuminate, and inspire viewers to confront the basic issues they will need to face in the 21st century - Stanley Krippner, PhD - Saybrook Graduate School & Research Center
  • CF asks big questions. Kawitzky skirts dangerously close to the singularity that, like it or not, we are getting sucked into. Things will change more in the next 50 years as in the last 5000, and Cognition Factor asks some of the big questions. Answers, however, may prove more elusive - Dennis J. Mckenna -
  • I watched the film last weekend and thought it was great. So much delectable food for thought - Daniel Pinchbeck -
  • Enjoyed having a little part in Cognition Factor and found it cognitively stimulating to watch it. Abundant ideas generating possibilities. What more do you want?
    - John Shirley - 
  • loved it personally , as one of our orb crew passed away on the 12th of june , it became something of an eye opener . thank you mike xx - Dr. Alex Paterson -
  • I saw the film and it is impressive. Best of luck with it and please keep me updated about the future plans - Timo T. Lahtinen - SMILE ENTERTAINMENT - Copenhagen
  • I looked at Cognition factor and was very inspired by it.
    Thanks for all you do - Jeff (The Dude) Dowd - Jeff Dowd & Associates

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